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  • How do I get additional help?

    We have a dedicated helpline number, if you need extra assistance please call: 0333 3701099

  • How do I get a VAT receipt?

    Getting your VAT receipt is easy, simply scan the QR code on screen/the charger, follow the instructions on your phone and it’s emailed to you. Alternatively, you can do this online...

    VAT Reciept

  • Why am I seeing £30 charge on my statement?

    When you pay by contactless card, a pre-authorisation amount of £30 is reserved on your card. The amount is cleared within 24 of your charging session.

  • How much will it cost to charge my car?

    Our tariff is displayed on the payment screen or via the app. The overall cost for your charging will then depend on how long you’re using the bay for.

  • How do I pay for my charging sessions?

    Paying for charging can be done in several ways, giving you the choice of how you manage your charging. This can be done via Tap & Go, a simple contactless payment* when you’re at the charger. Tap to start a charging session, then again to end and release your charging cable.

    *We accept all major debit cards, credit cards, google pay, apple pay

  • How long will it take to charge?

    This depends on the car and the charger. The power of the charge point (7.4kW, 22kW, 50kW), your vehicle’s battery size and your charging capacity will determine how long it takes to charge your car.

    Some vehicles are equipped with rapid charging which helps speed up the process, but the majority will be able to recharge fully if left plugged in overnight, a bit like a mobile phone.

    There is a rough guide here:

    Time /kW 7,4 kW 11 kW 22 kW 25 kW
    15 min 8 m 12 m 24 m 27 m
    30 min 16 m 24 m 48 m 55 m
    1 hour 32 m 48 m 96 m 109 m
    2 hour 65 m 96 m 191 m 217 m
    4 hour 80 m 191 m 383 m 435 m
    8 hour 257 m 383 m 475 m 870 m

  • How long can I stay on a charger?

    Our bays are for charging, and the maximum stay will be clearly displayed on the signage. It varies by location.

  • Do I need to download the app to charge my car?

    You can download an app, but our chargers use a Tap & Go system. You simply plug in your vehicle, tap your card to begin charging. When you come back later tap your card again to stop charging and process payment. Simple.

  • Is it safe to charge my EV in the rain?

    Yes, electric vehicles are designed to charge as safely as possible, you can plug in and begin charging then go find somewhere to dry off and relax while you wait for your battery to top up.

  • Do I need my own charging cable?

    Sometimes. If you are using Evology’s AC charger you will need to take your own Type 2 charging cable. You won’t need one if you are using one of our DC – 50kW or more charge points.

  • What do I do if my charging cable won’t release?

    There are several things to try to get your charging cable to release:

    • Try locking and unlocking your car this can unlock the cable release
    • Double check that you have tapped to end your charging session
    • Unplug the cable from your car before unplugging from the charger
    • Push the cable towards the socket first, this can trigger the unlocking mechanism

    If the cable still doesn’t release call our helpline on 0333 3701099 to get additional assistance

  • What happens if the charger isn’t working?

    If the charger isn’t working please call 0333 3701099 and we can reset the charger remotely.

  • What charging cards are accepted at our charging stations?

    We don’t accept charging cards at any of our Evology charging stations. Instead, sessions can be started via contactless payments and eventually via our Evology App.

  • Where can I find charging points?

    Our chargers are all listed on our Evology App. Our infrastructure is growing all the time, be sure to also check Google and services like Zap-Map to find our locations when planning your trips.

  • Where can I find the charge point number of my charging point?

    The ID number for the charger you are using is located on a sticker, you should be able to find this on the label on the side of all chargers. If you have the Evology App, you can also find out all the details for the charger on there.