Pre-booking FAQs

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  • What to do if you can’t find location code?

    If you’re looking for the location code for the car park you’re in and you’re struggling to find it, there are a couple of steps you can take:

    Firstly, check the signage in the car park, the location code should be on there for you to use.
    Second, turn on the location settings on your phone. This should highlight where you currently are.

    If you still need help reach out to us using this contact form.

  • Can I add multiple vehicles to a booking?

    While you can’t add multiple vehicles to the same booking, you can book multiple spaces in the same car park. You just need to make bookings and add the registrations you need to each one.

    If you don’t want loads of vehicle registrations on your account afterwards once your trip is finished, you can remove the registrations by contacting us via email or by using the contact us form on the app.

  • Can I change my email?

    Yes, you can. Go into the Account section of the app, from there select Personal Information, you can change the contact email associated with your account in there.

  • Can I change the vehicle I’ve pre-booked with?

    You can track your bookings within the ‘My Visits’ section of the Evology App. Any bookings you’ve made ahead of time can be amended, including changing the registration of the vehicle you want to use.

  • Do I have a guaranteed space once I’ve pre-booked?

    We’re not able to reserve a specific space on a car park for you. However, we only offer bookings on sites where there are spaces available.

  • How can I change or cancel a booking?

    Yes, in the Account section of the app find the “My Visits” section. Here you can change aspects of future bookings or cancel them if they are no longer needed.

  • How do I book a space?

    Booking a space is simple. Open the Evology app and look for the location you’d like to park at. Then select the date and time you want to arrive at, and how long you want to be parked for. Then pay for your parking.

    Congratulations, your stay is booked.

  • How do I change my payment options?

    There are several payment options available to you through the Evology App, you can change the payment details linked to your account by going into the Account section of the app and going into Payment Methods.

  • How do I change my vehicle details?

    To update your vehicle details please contact us via email or using the app contact form.

  • How do I get a refund?

    Refunds can take a few days to process but you can request one by reaching out to us through the contact section of the Evology App.

  • How far ahead can I book my parking?

    It’s nice to be able to plan and take some stress out of a journey by knowing your parking is taken care of.

    Depending on the car park you’re booking for you will be able to book anywhere from 30 days up to a year in advance.

  • How long can I book parking for?

    The amount of time you can book parking for on a car park depends on the car park. The maximum amount of time you can book for will be shown in the app.

  • My car has broken down and my parking has expired what do I do?

    You need to get in touch with us as soon as possible. You can contact us through the Evology App and let us know what’s happened.

    We might need you to send us some proof, like a breakdown report from the AA for example, then we’ll handle the rest.

  • What if I am running late for the start of my booking?

    Whether you’ve overslept or got stuck in traffic it doesn’t matter. Your booking runs from that starting time until the moment your stay is due to end. If you arrive late don’t worry, your booking is still in place, you can also extend it if you need a bit longer at your destination.

  • What if there’s no space on the car park?

    If there’s no space on your chosen car park when you arrive, then you can request a refund through the Evology App.

    It might also be worth looking at other nearby locations to potentially book parking there instead.